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LIFE AgroClimaWater
Promoting water efficiency and supporting the shift towards a climate resilient agriculture in Mediterranean countries

The LIFE AgroClimaWater project’s main objective is to promote water efficiency and support the shift towards climate resilient agriculture in Mediterranean countries through the development of water management adaptation strategies in three Farmers’ Organizations (FORs) in two areas in Crete, Greece (Platanias and Mirabello) and one in Basilicata, Italy (Metapontino). The key objectives are:

1. Development and implementation of Water Management Adaptation Strategies at FORs level.
2. Determination and application of agricultural practices that increase water efficiency in the cultivation of perennial crops.
3. Establishment of pilot farms adapted to water scarcity.
4. Building adaptive capacity of farmers and FORs to climate change: information, awareness and training.
5. Informing and raising awareness of competitive water users regarding climate change impacts, on a sub-basin level.
6. Dissemination of the proposed strategies to be implemented by farmers and FORs in the target areas and other areas facing similar climate challenges.
7. Incorporation of the project’s results in the European and national environmental, climate change and agricultural policy and legislation.

The voluntary compliance EWS standard of the European Water Partnership provides concrete assistance for water users to become Good Water Stewards in their river basin. It is based on and organized in four Principles that promote: Sustainable Water Abstraction, Good Water Status, High Conservation Value Area protection and Equitable Water Governance. Water users that evaluate and adjust their performance according to the EWS standard will have incorporated all the essential points in their water management strategy for continuous improvement!

More information about EWS standard in EWP website: www.ewp.eu/stewardship





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