Presentation of LIFE AgroClimaWater project in a conference in the frame of The Green Link project

The Green Link project (LIFE15 CCA / ES / 000125) organized a conference titled "Facing desertification in the Mediterranean with the Cocoon” at the Botanical Garden of Rome on the 23rd of October 2018. The conference featured the contribution of various partners involved in the project (Biopoplar Srl and Van Leijen Srl from Italy, CREAF and CSIC-CIDE from Spain and Land Life Company from The Netherlands), professionals, experts and representatives of replication projects and other LIFE projects (LIFE Desert Adapt, LIFE RES MARIES, LIFE AgroClimaWater) addressing climate change and reforestation issues. The speakers illustrated current strategies against desertification, the objectives of the project, the functioning of the Cocoon, the excellent results achieved so far and those foreseen, as well as the opportunities for replication that are taking shape in Italy.
Dr. A. N. Mininni from UNIBAS attended the conference presenting the LIFE AgroClimaWater Project. The presentation focussed on the project structure, novelty and organization and the GAPs applied into the demonstration parts of the pilot sites and aimed to increase water use efficiency, soil fertility and yield at field level.
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Alba Mininni_TheGreenLink_23102018 LIFE AgroClimaWater

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