2nd LIFE Multiannual Work Programme for 2018-2020

The 2nd LIFE Multiannual Work Programme was adopted in Brussels with the participation of all National Contact Points of all the member states. The new multiannual programme for the period 2018-2020 contains changes which are related to:

• the simplification of the submission process and the reports
• the replicability of projects’ results
• the improvement of the communication strategy

Moreover, the projects’ topics of the LIFE sub-programme for "Environment” reduced from 87 to 42, while the possibilities of successful approval of projects related to biodiversity and circular economy and projects that have strong impact to the health of Europe’s citizens increased.

Also, in 2018 the pilot two-stages submission will be tested in the sub-programme for "Environment”. More information and details are expected to be available with the publication of the 2nd Multiannual Work Programme and the announcement of LIFE Call in April 2018.

Project Βeneficiaries:



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