Participation to the International Conference “Protection and Restoration of the Environment XIV”

The International Conference "Protection and Restoration of the Environment XIV” was held at Grand Hotel Palace in Thessaloniki, between 3 and 6 of July 2018. The conference was organized by the Stevens Center for Environmental Engineering of the Stevens Institute of Technology, USA and the Division of Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering, together with the Environment Council of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. The conference was attended by more than 250 scientists coming from 17 countries from all over the world. Several interesting papers were presented, covering a vast spectrum of topics from water resources management, energy, solid and water waste management to economics, social and cultural issues.
The paper titled "Developing Flood Action Plans on the Administrative Level of Farmers’ Organization”, authored by V. Pisinaras, G. Arampatzis and A. Panagopoulos, was presented in this conference. This paper aims to introduce a simplified approach for the compilation of flood action plans in Farmers’ Organization (F.ORs), which constitutes a common organizational scheme of agricultural production in the Mediterranean. The first step is to assess the risk of: a) river floods, based on flood risk assessment reports developed within the context of Floods Directive by EU and b) flash floods, based on surface runoff potential estimated by a simplified methodology incorporating spatially distributed runoff curve numbers, ground slope and precipitation. The second step is to propose practices and actions in order to: a) contribute to basin’s flood risk reduction and b) mitigate the impact of flood incidents. The above mentioned methodologies are applied in the area of activity of a F.OR located in Crete Island, Greece.
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